PPGI Writing Board Whiteboard Sheet in Roll

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Detalles del producto

Información Básica.

alta visibilidad
detalles del embalaje
Carton/Hard Tube
Paquete de Transporte
Carton Box
Marca Comercial
Código del HS
Capacidad de Producción
80000 Rolls Per Month

Descripción de Producto

Self Adhesive White board writing film is a white PP film, processed from practical writing film, with water-based pen, widely used in school
education system, family children graffiti, office, conference room, business board, etc.
PP material is not easy to shrink
Self adhesive application, space saving
High tack adhesive
Film:160 ±10 micron White PP film
Adhesive: permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive
Liner : Single side PE-coated white wood-pulp paper,120±5
Indoor durability: 12 months Guarantee
Retail Setting
Public Exhibit
Graffiti design
PPGI Writing Board Whiteboard Sheet in Roll
Application temperature :
+ 10° C
Temperature range :
-10° + 60° C
Information on physical characteristics is based upon tests we believe to be reliable. The values listed herein are typical values and are not for use in
specifications.They are intended only as a source of information and are given without guarantee and do not constitute a warranty. Purchasers should
independently determine, prior to use, the suitability of any material for their specific use.All technical data is subject to change without prior notice.
Note: the term of use is according to the degree of wear and tear on the surface of the product to decide, usually we can assure you that there is no
question of using a year, if the surface without damage, in theory can be used.Wear means that the surface layer is not damaged, is not damaged by foreign
objects, the glue is not sticky (sticking to an unsuitable surface), etc.
The materials are manufactured under careful quality control and are warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship. Any material shown to
our satisfaction to be defective at the time of sale will be replaced without charge. Our aggregate liability to the purchaser shall in no circumstances exceed
the cost of the defective materials supplied. No salesman, representative or agent is authorized to give guarantee, warranty, or make any representation
contrary to the foregoing.
The very wide range of marking supports and ever-developing possibilities should encourage the user to examine the aptitude of the product for each type
of use. The measurement methods and standards cited were used as the basis for drawing up our own measurement methods, which are available on
request. We recommend that you consult us to obtain the latest instructions in force. All the information published is based on measurements regularly
carried out in,laboratories. It is nevertheless not an intangible factor of guarantee. The vendor declines all responsibility for any indirect damage and will
only be held liable for sums up to the value f the products sold. All our specifications are subject to changes without prior notice. These specifications are
updated automatically on our website.

PPGI Writing Board Whiteboard Sheet in Roll

PPGI Writing Board Whiteboard Sheet in Roll PPGI Writing Board Whiteboard Sheet in Roll


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